[Pkg-emacsen-addons] Bug#900870: magit-annex: flaky autopkgtest

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Wed Jun 6 08:48:21 BST 2018

Source: magit-annex
Version: 1.4.0-1
Severity: important
User: debian-ci at lists.debian.org
Usertags: flaky

While inspecting regressions in autopkgtest results¹, I noticed that
your package magix-annex fails once in a while, without obvious changes.
As far as I checked, the error is always of the same kind ('user-error
"Not inside a Git repository"' example output copied below).

Could you please investigate and make your autopkgtest more robust?
Please contact me if you need help and you think I can provide that (I
am not subscribed to this bug).

Recent discussion of gating migration by autopkgtests on debian-devel²
noted that if this is going to work, and in particular if we are going
to *block* migration when it causes autopkgtest regressions rather than
merely delaying it, intermittent autopkgtest failures are likely to have
to be considered RC due to their impact on the tested package's
dependencies; for now I've filed it as important.


¹ https://ci.debian.net/packages/m/magit-annex
² https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2018/05/msg00061.html


autopkgtest [21:15:42]: test command1: [-----------------------
	emacs -batch -Q -l package --eval "(add-to-list 'package-directory-list
\"/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa\")" --eval "(add-to-list
'package-directory-list \"/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa-src\")" -f
package-initialize -L . -l magit-annex-tests.el --eval
Running 10 tests (2018-06-05 21:15:44+0000)
   passed   1/10  magit-annex-add-all-files-to-annex
   passed   2/10  magit-annex-add-file-to-annex
   passed   3/10  magit-annex-copy-files
Keeping test directories:
Test magit-annex-drop-files backtrace:
  (let ((repo1 (file-name-as-directory (make-temp-file "magit-annex-"
  (lambda nil (let ((repo1 (file-name-as-directory (make-temp-file "ma
  ert--run-test-internal([cl-struct-ert--test-execution-info [cl-struc
  ert-run-test([cl-struct-ert-test magit-annex-drop-files nil (lambda
  ert-run-or-rerun-test([cl-struct-ert--stats t [[cl-struct-ert-test m
  ert-run-tests(t #[385 "\306\307\"\203G�\211\211G\310U\203�\211@\20
  command-line-1(("-l" "package" "--eval" "(add-to-list 'package-direc
Test magit-annex-drop-files condition:
    (user-error "Not inside a Git repository")
   FAILED   4/10  magit-annex-drop-files
   passed   5/10  magit-annex-get-all-auto
   passed   6/10  magit-annex-get-files
   passed   7/10  magit-annex-move-files
   passed   8/10  magit-annex-sync
   passed   9/10  magit-annex-sync-content
   passed  10/10  magit-annex-unlock-lock-files

Ran 10 tests, 9 results as expected, 1 unexpected (2018-06-05 21:15:49+0000)

1 unexpected results:
   FAILED  magit-annex-drop-files

dh_elpa_test: emacs -batch -Q -l package --eval "(add-to-list
'package-directory-list \"/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa\")" --eval
"(add-to-list 'package-directory-list
\"/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa-src\")" -f package-initialize -L . -l
magit-annex-tests.el --eval \(ert-run-tests-batch-and-exit\) returned
exit code 1
autopkgtest [21:15:49]: test command1: -----------------------]

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