[Pkg-emacsen-addons] Bug#905464: Bug#905464: dh-elpa: Expects .el file name to be based on package name (and does not consider "${pkg}-mode.el")

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Thu Aug 16 15:29:53 BST 2018

Control: clone -1 -2
Control: reassign -2 lintian 2.5.96
Control: retitle -2 lintian: Severity and Certainty of emacsen-common-without-dh-elpa are wrong / false positives despite "Certainty: certain"


David Bremner wrote:
> > Since this is not primarily an emacs mode package but only ships an
> > emacs mode as an add-on, the package is not named elpa-tpp-mode or
> > tpp-mode but just tpp.
> The assumption that the binary package is called elpa-foo (where is foo
> is deduced from the package.el metadata) is baked into dh-elpa at a
> pretty deep level. The assumption is that you will make a seperate
> binary package for the emacs stuff.

Yeah, that's what I feared and what I consider to be a bug.

> So I guess this bug could be considered a feature request to support
> a different use-case.

That's another possible way to see it. But in that case, the lintian
warning emacsen-common-without-dh-elpa
is definitely having the wrong Severity and Certainty.

Given that your "baked into dh-elpa at a pretty deep level" sounds as
if this is neither easy to fix nor will this come soonish, this
lintian tag should be:

a) downgraded from "Severity: normal" level to either "Severity:
   wishlist" or even "Severity: pedantic", and

b) changed from "Certainty: certain" to "Certainty: wild-guess" as
   there are clearly multiple and common cases where the switch to
   dh-elpa is impossible as of now.

Alternatively, the tag should be changed to be only emitted if the
binary package is named either elpa-*, *-el or *-mode, i.e. clearly
being a package which only ships some Emacs plugin and nothing else.
(Not sure if there are better criterias for the according whitelist.)

Cloning the bug report accordingly to get at least lintian fixed until
this is fixed in dh-elpa.

		Regards, Axel
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