[Pkg-emacsen-addons] Fw:

Malia Cunningham kimhj82 at hiairkorea.co.kr
Sun Nov 27 23:40:13 GMT 2022


Your  personal data  out of  your  devices was  copied to my own  storing  with a  assistance from  my unique  trojan  via the  wireless  network,  I had  the opportunity to gain  access to  your computer  system thru  the wi-fi  device which  you were  connected to, a  couple of  weeks  ago &  I  currently  have  all the  online passwords and  permission to  access your  social  media marketing  e-mail, contact  information, and  so forth. 

The authorised  driver type  and  its additional  on-line fingerprints  regularly changes  and is  not trackable  nor it  is visible  by different  antivirus software. 
There's a  lot  more to  that, though, I  also  got an  permission to  access your  cam  along with  your  browser history  and what  is occurring  in  your computer screen.  So I  seen  that  you enjoy  to see  some adult  web-sites &  you do  that  quite frequently  and it  is likely  you  currently  realize the  reason why I  waited  this long  messaging you.  Hence anyway  I pasted  several of  your jerking  video footage  plus the screen video  & now I  need an  oscar.  It  is currently your  call  to  determine if this  specific video along with  all  your personal  information will  be shared  with all  of your contact  information social  networking buddies or perhaps  not. I'm presuming  that  this can definitely destroy  your reputation.  

However, there  is  definitely one  way to  correct this  matter: You  will need  to send  me 1100  $ (USD)  using BTC  (equivalent at  the  date of  the exchange  it self).  

Once  this  will happen I  guarantee to  erase your  entire  data from  my internet hosting  storing areas  and i'll  ignore you. My BTC  transfer address:  35ckhznQcmcaBTWS3R5EZo361KWbUnVwf1

Simply  just  search  on-line  how to  buy or  forward bitcoin  if you  do  not know  how. 

It is  a trackable  text &  i'll  know  once it's read.  The address is also  not tracked  & there  isn't any  reason for answering  me. You  have  now 2 days  from the  time you  see this to  transmit  me the  finances. 

Your data  will likely  be  revealed to  people  if you  try to  get hold of the  authorities  or find  other third  party  solution, and  there's  furthermore no  point  in  changing online  passwords to  your social  network, gadgets,  or whichever, since  i have  previously downloaded  everything into  the  server. 

It is now  up to  you  to perhaps  act foolish  or think about  your possible  future &  play smart.

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