[Pkg-erlang-devel] the couchdb 0.10.1 thread

Sam Bisbee sbisbee at computervip.com
Thu Jan 14 20:25:03 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 02:52:45PM -0500, Elliot Murphy wrote:
> Looks like a good list. Anything in particular that you'd like some
> help on? I'd like to find a couple of hours to do some work on this.

Uh, you're a bit late. :-) 0.10.1-1 was uploaded a while ago, but thank you. 

At this point I'm focusing on the init script, which is really just a labor of
time due to all the differing conditions. Once I have a patch in svn I'll put
out a request for testers. FYI, I'm looking at either copying the solution from
yaws (give the beam process a grace period to stop and then fail if it hasn't)
or find a flaw in what couchdb is doing (haven't found anything yet).

Then the patch will just need to be back ported to 0.8.0 in stable, hopefully
allowing us to get 0.10.1 into stable (assuming movement around #559004 or us
temporarily dropping support for that arch at a "reasonable" point).

I have some other items on the TODO list, but they're small/easy and getting
stable updated is really the priority. So, testing the init script in different
[apt,general usage] scenarios would probably be the biggest help right now so
that I can do them justice in the patch. Ex., are people still getting their
system into a condition where they can't stop couchdb (apt aside)? If so, how?

Thanks again!


p.s. Only the apt portion of the patch would be back ported, as so many bugs
have been fixed since then around this issue and we're really just fighting for
a seamless upgrade from 0.8.0 to latest.

Sam Bisbee

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