[Pkg-erlang-devel] erlang_16.b.2-dfsg-1~bpo70+1_amd64.changes is NEW

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Tue Oct 15 10:03:50 UTC 2013

binary:erlang-parsetools is NEW.
binary:erlang-crypto is NEW.
binary:erlang-nox is NEW.
binary:erlang-dialyzer is NEW.
binary:erlang-ic-java is NEW.
binary:erlang-snmp is NEW.
binary:erlang-corba is NEW.
binary:erlang-reltool is NEW.
binary:erlang-tools is NEW.
binary:erlang-doc is NEW.
binary:erlang-diameter is NEW.
binary:erlang-ssh is NEW.
binary:erlang-eldap is NEW.
binary:erlang-xmerl is NEW.
binary:erlang-examples is NEW.
binary:erlang-percept is NEW.
binary:erlang-odbc is NEW.
binary:erlang-ic is NEW.
binary:erlang-tv is NEW.
binary:erlang-syntax-tools is NEW.
binary:erlang-eunit is NEW.
binary:erlang-runtime-tools is NEW.
binary:erlang-wx is NEW.
binary:erlang-jinterface is NEW.
binary:erlang-appmon is NEW.
binary:erlang-os-mon is NEW.
binary:erlang-base is NEW.
binary:erlang-pman is NEW.
binary:erlang-typer is NEW.
binary:erlang-edoc is NEW.
binary:erlang is NEW.
binary:erlang-inets is NEW.
binary:erlang-src is NEW.
binary:erlang-mode is NEW.
binary:erlang-public-key is NEW.
binary:erlang-toolbar is NEW.
binary:erlang-dev is NEW.
binary:erlang-test-server is NEW.
binary:erlang-asn1 is NEW.
binary:erlang-x11 is NEW.
binary:erlang-erl-docgen is NEW.
binary:erlang-observer is NEW.
binary:erlang-et is NEW.
binary:erlang-megaco is NEW.
binary:erlang-mnesia is NEW.
binary:erlang-ssl is NEW.
binary:erlang-common-test is NEW.
binary:erlang-gs is NEW.
binary:erlang-webtool is NEW.
binary:erlang-base-hipe is NEW.
binary:erlang-debugger is NEW.
binary:erlang-manpages is NEW.
source:erlang is NEW.

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