Bug#262195: Add support for admin to choose username

Stephen Frost Stephen Frost <sfrost@snowman.net>, 262195@bugs.debian.org
Thu, 29 Jul 2004 23:50:32 -0400

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Package: exim4
Version: 4.34-3
Severity: Normal

Given: Lots of people hate the Debian-exim username.
Given: Exim provides the ability to specify the username at runtime
Given: Debconf is being used already to set some settings in exim config

The exim package should support letting the admin choose the name they
want.  This avoids the potential 'namespace' concern since, obviously,
the admin will know if there's a conflict or not.  Looking over the
debian source this doesn't appear too difficult to do.  Even supporting
dpkg-reconfigure shouldn't be too hard- the infrastructure for changing
everything is already in the scripts.

Specifying the EXIM_USER parameter in the EDITME would have to be
dropped or fixed though, which, really, it should be *anyway*.  At the
moment even if you specify the exim_user/exim_group in the config it
tries to find the EXIM_USER-specified user, which fails if you've change
it to something else.  That's broken, and makes those config options
next to useless when you've got a binary compiled with it set.

The default could even be Debian-exim, but if you ask people and they
agree to it then there's not a whole lot they can bitch about, and you
could tell them to dpkg-reconfigure and change it to whatever they'd

Maybe you could get a special place on popcon for how many users chose
Debian-exim vs. something else.  That'd be rather..  amusing.


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