Bug#502963: exim4-daemon-light: Error sending mail with Apple's Mail.app to exim4 over TLS with authentication.

Andreas Metzler ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org
Tue Oct 21 17:23:33 UTC 2008

On 2008-10-21 WS <spam at wilysloth.com> wrote:
> Package: exim4-daemon-light
> Version: 4.69-9
> Severity: normal

> I am trying to get Apple's Mail.app to play with exim4 on a Debian (lenny)
> server.

> $ dpkg -l | grep exim
> ii  exim4                                4.69-9
> ii  exim4-base                           4.69-9
> ii  exim4-config                         4.69-9
> ii  exim4-daemon-light                   4.69-9

> I would like the laptop Mail.app lives on to use password authentication over
> tls to send mail. However, it does not work.

> $ cat exim4.conf.localmacros
> 2008-10-18 17:35:49 TLS error on connection from ([]) [] (gnutls_handshake): Error in the push function.

Could you check whether adding


to exim4.conf.localmacros helps? (Do not forget to run
/ect/init.d/exim4 reload after modifying the file.)
cu andreas
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