I have been trying to reach you, please get back to me

jerry hansen jerry_hansen011 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 9 17:44:37 UTC 2010

Good day,
It's a long time that I have been looking for  a partner like you so that we can do business together; before I came across your contact. My name is Jerry Hansen from Liberia and now in Ghana West Africa.
My father was a politician and a Tobacco farmer. He was killed  by the rebels. The rebels beat me up and broke my leg and I am now using single stick to walk. During the time my father was alive, he used my name as next of kin to deposited $5.5millon USA dollars in Security Company in Ghana. All the documents bearing  my names as the next of kin .
I want to invest this money outside Africa like your country. I plan to give out 15%percent to  whoever that helps me to claim  this consignment from the security company where my late father deposited it for safe keeping.
My dear , due to my Refugee status here in Ghana,i
cannot be able to move such amount out of this country, unless with the assistance of a foreign partner which is the reason i have contacted you.I want to leave Africa.
When the Ghanaian Government asked Liberians to leave i could not and the reason i am still trapped here is that i cannot leave without getting this money out of here and i don’t want this fund to go into the Ghanaian Government treasury as unclaimed fund, this is the major reason why i contacted you due to the law imposed by the British prime minister GORDON BROWN  in world press conference on the 6th of December 2005, at 12:18 GMT, for more information about the prime minister decision on dormant account visit:  (news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4017381.stm)
Please i am expecting your reply .
God bless you
Jerry Hansen

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