Workers from Lithuania

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Workers from Lithuania

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JSC Nermeka temporary staffing company

Twenty-first century business demands agility.

JSC Nermeka flexible partnership model allows us to be responsive to your unique needs.

Temporary placements (also known as staff leasing or temporary staffing) - a new, rapid growth of personnel management solution. This service allows you to flexibly and effectively manage their human resources without obligation to employ an employee for a longer period of time.

It saves time and facilitates the management of labor relations.

This service includes the recruitment and hire short or long term. If you have a demand for workers due to unforeseen staff shortages, permament staff vacation time, output growth period- we will offer You a labor hiring decision. Temporary recruitment will also help you reduce your administration costs, because You do not have to take care of recruitment and selection, acceptance, dismissal, wage.

We offer you a comprehensive selection of personnel and temporary employment solutions. We will select the best solution- sources of attracting candidates, sampling method, testing, temporary administration.

	Our basic rule - individual solution for every client.

	If you got any questions or you want to know more details about our company, please write us an email: manager at

JSC Geldauda adr. Gedimino str. 17, Marijampole, Lithuania

manager at	Tel. +37064066967

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