Bug#826646: Incorrect handling with initial_cwd variable

Серж ИвановЪ evasive.gyron at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 07:01:43 UTC 2016

I would like to point out that this bug also affects current debian stable
exim package.
To verify one would need to examine exim source package for debian jessie

apt-get source exim4
grep -A 8 "To be safe: change the working directory to"

/* To be safe: change the working directory to /. */
if (Uchdir("/") < 0)
    perror("exim: chdir `/': ");

/* Store the initial cwd before we change directories */
if ((initial_cwd = getcwd(NULL, 0)) == NULL)

This is exactly the same error as in oldstable, we are doing chroot BEFORE
initial_cwd handling

​So this upstream patch is also applicable

Do I need to file a bug report for debian jessie (exim4-4.84) version?

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