Bug#823418: Info received (Bug#823418: exim4: Since the last update, it seems like some messages are rejected after DATA)

Marc Haber mh+debian-packages at zugschlus.de
Thu May 5 20:13:06 UTC 2016

On Thu, May 05, 2016 at 01:15:50PM -0400, hilld at binarystorm.net wrote:
> The only log that I get is
> 2016-05-05 03:23:06 1ayDco-000526-Jn H=(binarystorm.net) []
> F=<bounce at workopolis.hosted.strongview.com> rejected after DATA

try changing:

  deny    condition  = ${if > {$max_received_linelength}{998}}


    message = Message Header Line to long
    condition  = ${if > {$max_received_linelength}{998}}

in /etc/exim4/conf.d/acl/40_exim4-config_check_data and restart exim.
Then wait for the issue to come up again and check your logs again.

Andreas, we should not have any deny stanza in any ACL without an
explicit message.


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