system_filter issue "name too long in directory_make"

Andreas Metzler ametzler at
Sat Dec 23 15:41:30 UTC 2017

On 2017-12-20 Andrew McGlashan <andrew.mcglashan at> wrote:
> Hi,

> I have a system_filter entry that does backups (for archival purposes)
> of emails.  The path for storing the backup copy exceeds the buffer size
> of 256 as per the source file [1].

> Outside of exim, I can create the directory without any trouble, then
> actual length for my test was 275 characters, this includes many path
> components of smaller size, the total length of the path being 275.

> Is there any reason why the code couldn't be adjusted to have a maximum
> length of say, 512, 768 or even 1024 as 256 is too short for my use case
> and there is no problem at the file system level with the actual
> required path.


I have forwarded the report upstream, please followup there. - TIA.

cu Andreas

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