Bug#919960: sync packages

Marc Haber mh+debian-packages at zugschlus.de
Tue Jan 22 07:26:48 GMT 2019

Hi Dan,

did you use reportbug to file this? If not, please do that in the future
as it shows which distribution and which architecture you're using.
Without that information, we can just guess what might have been

That being said, 4.92~RC4-3 was uploaded to unstable on January 20.
exim4-base is an architecture independent package and is thus quicker in
the archive than the packaged that need compiling. This is a normal
process in Debian, happens all the time and solves itself automatically.
It might also be a mirror sync issue, which a package maintainer is not
in a position tosolve.

You're using unstable, and have been doing so for a decade. And you
seriously still don't know this?


On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 08:02:04AM +0800, 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson wrote:
> Odd, something is out of sync:
> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>  exim4 : Depends: exim4-base (< 4.92~RC4-2.1) but 4.92~RC4-3 is to be installed
> The following actions will resolve these dependencies:
>      Remove the following packages:
> 1)     exim4 [4.92~RC4-2 (now)]
> Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?] n
> The following actions will resolve these dependencies:
>      Keep the following packages at their current version:
> 1)     exim4-base [4.92~RC4-2 (now)]

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