Bug#962847: exim4: takes forever to send a mail after sleeping

Thorsten Bonow toto at not-in-kansas-anymore.org
Thu Jun 18 14:50:49 BST 2020


I can reproduce the bug on my system, but I think it's GNU Emacs 

After I put my system to sleep for 5 minutes, sending a test mail 
with GNU Emacs took 5 minutes, while sending one with 
"/usr/bin/bsd-mailx" was possible without the lag.

The bug bit me for 2 days, I wasn't able to send mails in the 
morning---after my system was suspended during the night.  A reboot 
fixed the problem.  Everything else I tried failed.

I'm using GNU Emacs with the Mew Mailer (package "mew-beta") on an up 
to date Debian Sid system (exim 4.94-2, configured with my provider's 
mail server as smarthost).

During the last 5 minute test, the logs looked normal, the other 
mails stuck created something like this every 30 minutes:

"2020-06-16 13:22:18 1jl9X4-005JlN-Vw Spool file for 1jl9X4-005JlN-Vw 
is locked (another process is handling this message)"

On sending a mail which becomes stuck, Mew displays "Sending in 
background..." forever.   After restarting GNU Emacs and Mew, I can 
see the mail in the +queue folder; sending it is possible after a 
system reboot.

I'm not an expert but I will try to look into the problem.



Sent from my GNU Emacs running on GNU/Linux

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