Bug#990919: unblock: exim4/4.94.2-6

Andreas Metzler ametzler at bebt.de
Sun Jul 11 10:29:31 BST 2021

On 2021-07-11 Adrian Bunk <bunk at debian.org> wrote:
> Package: release.debian.org
> Severity: normal
> User: release.debian.org at packages.debian.org
> Usertags: unblock

> Please unblock package exim4

>   * Cherrypick
>     78_01-Command-line-option-for-no-notifier-socket.-Bug-2616.patch from
>     upstream GIT master. This allows one to disable creation of a
>     daemon notifier socket by either setting notifier_socket to a empty value
>     or specifying -oY commandline option.
>   * Init script: For QUEUERUNNER='separate' start daemons with -oY commandline
>     option to disable daemon notifier socket. Enforce lockstep ugrade of -base
>     and *daemon* by temporarily adding a versioned Breaks to exim4-base on
>     older *daemon*. Closes: #988844
> (change by Andreas Metzler)

> This fixes a regression from buster.

> Maintainer and bug submitter are in Cc, ack/nak would be appreciated.


Thank you Adrian, this upload is indeed targeted for bullseyw but I
forgot to submit the unblock request.

cu Andreas

`What a good friend you are to him, Dr. Maturin. His other friends are
so grateful to you.'
`I sew his ears on from time to time, sure'
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