Bug#1000107: exim4: depends on obsolete pcre3 library

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Thu Nov 18 11:49:03 GMT 2021

Source: exim4
Severity: important
User: matthew-pcredep at debian.org
Usertags: obsolete-pcre3

Dear maintainer,

Your package still depends on the old, obsolete PCRE3[0] libraries
(i.e. libpcre3-dev). This has been end of life for a while now, and
upstream do not intend to fix any further bugs in it. Accordingly, I
would like to remove the pcre3 libraries from Debian, preferably in
time for the release of Bookworm.

The newer PCRE2 library was first released in 2015, and has been in
Debian since stretch. Upstream's documentation for PCRE2 is available
here: https://pcre.org/current/doc/html/

Many large projects that use PCRE have made the switch now (e.g. git,
php); it does involve some work, but we are now at the stage where
PCRE3 should not be used, particularly if it might ever be exposed to
untrusted input.

This mass bug filing was discussed on debian-devel@ in


Matthew [0] Historical reasons mean that old PCRE is packaged as
pcre3 in Debian 

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