Bug#1025420: exim4: ${run} expansion fail

Andreas Metzler ametzler at bebt.de
Sun Dec 4 15:20:11 GMT 2022

On 2022-12-04 Slavko <linux at slavino.sk> wrote:
> Package: exim4
> Version: 4.96-9

> Hi,

> yesterday (3.12.2022) discussion on exim's ML shows bug in ${run}
> expansion, which fails if there is another expansion, eg (not very
> useful, but shows problem):

>     exim -be '${run{/usr/bin/echo ${quote:aaa}}}'
>     Failed: Expansion of "${quote:aaa" from command "/usr/bin/echo
>       ${quote:aaa" in ${run} expansion failed: missing } at end of string

> (note missing "}" after quote...)

> It is already fixed, perhaps worth to include it, just in case that new
> version will not be released until next stable, see:

> https://github.com/Exim/exim/commit/44b6e099b76f403a55e77650821f8a69e9d2682e

Thanks for the heads-up. Sadly the fix from master does not apply
directly to 4.96 due to some rework ("Args count reduction in expansions

cu Andreas

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