Bug#1008283: Really confusing update-exim4.conf(8) man page

Marc Haber mh+debian-packages at zugschlus.de
Tue Mar 29 06:40:02 BST 2022

On Fri, Mar 25, 2022 at 10:03:20PM +0000, S E wrote:
> Pulling up the manpage for 'update-exim4.conf'...  read in the first FIVE paragraphs,
> still unable to comprehend.  Had to write it down a flowchart.

It's a complex package. Does reading
/usr/share/doc/exim4-base/README.Debian.gz help?

If you have understood how things work now, can you do a patch for the
docs, making them better? It is sometimes hard to write beginner-level
docs when you have been stuck in the details of the package for two


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