Re: LM324N ST 0.25usd/pc 5Kpcs

Carina Shen carina at
Fri Sep 9 08:49:37 BST 2022

	Hi dear Valued customer,
Good day. How are you?
This is Carina Shen from Kalis Electronics Ltd.
Kalis Electronics Co., Ltd. trading here, exporting Electronics Parts with MLCC & IC & Diodes & Transistors with good quality and low price .

Any components parts we can do for you lately?
Our KALIS Hot Sales Part Numbers such as below :  


	L6207N                                    ST                               2.96usd/pc                        10Kpcs
LM324N                                   ST                               0.25usd/pc                        10Kpcs
PIC18F25K80-I/SO                MICROCHIP                9.48usd/pc                         10Kpcs
PIC18F46K22-I/PT                 MICROCHIP                6usd/pc                              10Kpcs       
LT1185CQ#TRPBF                 ADI/Linear                   21usd/pc                             5Kpcs
LT1025CS8#TRPBF               ADI/Linear                   29usd/pc                             5Kpcs       
GRM21BR61A476ME15L       MURATA                     0.022usd/pc                        10Kpcs
GRM21BR6YA106KE43L        MURATA                    0.017usd/pc                        10Kpcs


Welcome to your new RFQ , we are here to support you all the time!

Thanks and best regards.
Carina Shen

*Kalis Electronics Co., Ltd.
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*Cell Number:+86 18682482050
*Tel:+86 0755 28263297
*Address:Room 1701, Shihong Building, No. 2095 Bixin Road, Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China 


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