Bug#1019959: Restore config macro to send >998 length lines

Ian Kelling iank at fsf.org
Sat Sep 17 04:47:22 BST 2022

Package: exim4-config
Version: 4.95

exim4-config 4.95~RC0-1 removed IGNORE_SMTP_LINE_LENGTH_LIMIT which when
set, fully removed any line length limit. It was replaced with
IGNORE_SMTP_LINE_LENGTH_LIMIT which would accept mail with >998 length
lines, but not send them.

Please restore IGNORE_SMTP_LINE_LENGTH_LIMIT, or something similar, so
people don't have to overwrite Debian's smtp transports with ones that
add message_linelength_limit. That option doesn't have a documented max
or a way to say no limit, so I suggest 2^31. A 2GB line is effectively
turning off any limit.


Accepting >998 but not sending them breaks various useful things:

* Forwarding email with long lines doesn't work. I've also found
forwarded bounces bounce, even though bounce_return_linesize_limit
suggests they should be truncated.

* Every week I get legitimate patches >998 length on the GNU mailing
lists. The kernel linux has 20 text files with >998 lines. Exim itself
has 37 files. The only really popular tool I know for sending email
patches is git-send-email and it has no way to wrap those lines. It
seems a bit silly/ironic to ship a bunch of macros so that the core
config files don't need to be changed for typical uses, but not support
email patches for parts of exim itself.

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