[Pkg-exim4-users] Exim Howto

Joseph tech at ekn.com
Thu Dec 29 13:24:55 UTC 2005

Is there some a document that lists the steps in getting Exim4/Sarge
working in the following manner:

o Exim4 with the heavy daemon
o Using Windows AD/2k as the means to determine valid email accounts
o Verifying the sender at smtp time
o Setting up clamav/spam tools
o A means of uses ldap for the alias control, so that some email
accounts could be one a secondary box. This would be mostly for load
balancing. And you could perhaps want the alias bit in the AD or it
could be in a separate LDAP server.

It seems like this would be a rather common scenario.
I have found some Active Directory bits and pieces and I have done the
sender verify before.
And there are some bits available about the spam and antivirus tools.
But is there a document that would put this all in perspective?

Or does a document need to be created? :)

Thanks for a great product :)
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