[Pkg-exim4-users] accept all mail for examination

exim exim at bentleyemail.net
Thu Dec 29 13:33:18 UTC 2005

Quoting Marc Haber <mh+pkg-exim4-users at zugschlus.de>:
> On Debian, you can simply enter that IP address into dc_relay_nets
> variable in /etc/exim4/update-exim4.conf.conf.
Ok - thanks.

> That's wrong. Probably use an accept router like this (untested!):
> catch_all:
>   driver = accept
>   transport = your_file_transport
> If your system transports other mail, you'd need a condition that
> makes this router only accept mail delivered from your Windows Box' IP
> address.
> Then you'll need a transport writing the message away, like this
> (untested!):
> your_file_transport:
>   driver = appendfile
>   file = /var/mail/catchall
> If you want to see the envelope that your system generated, have your
> transport write in BSMTP format.
THanks for the reply.  I tried these and had no success.  Same error as before
about unknown user.

I was hoping that this would be an easy slam dunk to do but it appears 
I need to
learn a bit more about exim to get it working.  As this is the only purpose of
having exim, I think I will try and come up with a simpler solution.

Thanks again.

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