[Pkg-exim4-users] accept all mail for examination

exim exim at bentleyemail.net
Wed Dec 28 22:15:31 UTC 2005

I have the latest Debian stable installed.  I am trying to setup an SMTP server
for use with my windows box where I am testing some automatic email generation
ASP scripts.

I want exim to accept all email from the windows box and dump it all into a
single file so that I can examine it, in order to test that the scripts are
doing the right thing.

>From the exim 'dash' users 'at' exim 'dot' org mailing list, I leared that I
to have an

accept hosts =

in near the top of acl_check_rcpt in order to accept all email.  I tried '*',
'' (the IP of the windows box) and '' (just in case) but
could never get the mail accepted.  I always recevied the message:

unknown user

I had placed the accept line in

by changing accept hosts =: to the above.  Is the the right location for this?

I also learned that I needed a router to move the mail to the repository.
I placed this:

  driver = redirect
  data = /var/mail/catchall
  transport = address_file

at the begining of


for all the above testing.

THe messageg in rejectlog is:
2005-12-28 16:59:47 H=foo.com [] F=<Eric at example.com> rejected RCPT
<noone at somewhereelse.com>: Unrouteable address

and the message in mainlog is the same.

How can I accomplish this?  (This is not a server which will ever be used to
send real mail so I do not mind breaking the exim install if need be to
accomplish this.)


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