[Pkg-exim4-users] "hide domainlist" not working

Erik Johansson ml@user.lysator.liu.se
Thu, 26 May 2005 23:58:23 +0200


I have a domainlist (actually domainlist_cache, but with respect to my
problem, they behave the same) that looks as follows:

domainlist_cache virtual_domains = ${tr{${lookup ldapm {user=LDAP_USER
pass=LDAP_PASS ldap:///ou=domains,dc=ejohansson,dc=se?dc?one?
(objectClass=domain)}{$value} fail}}{\n}{:}}

It works as it is supposed too. But since the lookup contains the ldap
password I would like to hide it from exim4 -bP +virtual_domains by  
"hide" in front of domainlist. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Exim  
refuses to
accept it with the error:
main option "domainlist_cache" unknown

So my question is: Is this behaviour a bug or am I supposed to do  
this in some
other way? I'm also curious about if ${tr{...}{\n}{:}} is the  
recommended way
of turning multiple values returned from a ldap query into a list?

I'm using Exim version 4.50 #1 built 17-Apr-2005 19:14:00 on Sarge.

Best regards
Erik Johansson

PS: I've tried mailing exim-users, but my message never appeared in the
archive (despite trying twice), so I assumed it was lost. So I'm  
trying this list
instead. Hope my question is not out of this list's scope.

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Erik Johansson