[Pkg-exim4-users] installing without any questions

Olivier Diserens olivier at thewall.ch
Mon Nov 7 14:15:28 UTC 2005


sorry it this is a stupid question..

I wish to upgrade a few servers from woody to sarge, including the  
exim4 package and I want to do it automatically because I may not  
have ssh access.
The problem is when it comes to configure the exim4, exim4-base  
The installer display the question regardless of any of the frontend  
I gave to debconf.

p.ex.:  DEBCONF_FRONTEND=noninteractive \
DEBCONF_DB_FALLBACK='File{/tmp/config.dat}' apt-get install -y  exim4  
exim4-base exim4-config exim4-daemon-light

In /tmp/config.dat, I copied the informations found in then /var/ 
cache/debconf/config.dat of a freshly installed system (you will find  
the extract of this file at ther bottom of this mail).

Am I completly wrong to use debconf this way ? are there some  
information missing in my debconf database ? (some settings does not  
seems to have ca Value: fields.. is that correct ?)
I cannot get rid of this dialog and I don't understand why...

thank for any help !
best regards

here are the informations:

Name: exim4/dc_eximconfig_configtype
Template: exim4/dc_eximconfig_configtype
Value: local delivery only; not on a network
Owners: exim4-config
Flags: seen

Name: exim4/dc_local_interfaces
Template: exim4/dc_local_interfaces
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/dc_minimaldns
Template: exim4/dc_minimaldns
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/dc_noalias_regenerate
Template: exim4/dc_noalias_regenerate
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/dc_other_hostnames
Template: exim4/dc_other_hostnames
Value: mailcleaner
Owners: exim4-config
Flags: mailname
fqdn =

Name: exim4/dc_postmaster
Template: exim4/dc_postmaster
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/dc_readhost
Template: exim4/dc_readhost
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/dc_relay_domains
Template: exim4/dc_relay_domains
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/dc_relay_nets
Template: exim4/dc_relay_nets
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/dc_smarthost
Template: exim4/dc_smarthost
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/exim3_upgrade
Template: exim4/exim3_upgrade
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/exim4-config-title
Template: exim4/exim4-config-title
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/hide_mailname
Template: exim4/hide_mailname
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/internal/exim4-config.reconfigure
Template: exim4/internal/exim4-config.reconfigure
Value: false
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/mailname
Template: exim4/mailname
Value: mailcleaner
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/move_exim3_spool
Template: exim4/move_exim3_spool
Value: false
Owners: exim4-base

Name: exim4/no_config
Template: exim4/no_config
Owners: exim4-config

Name: exim4/purge_spool
Template: exim4/purge_spool
Value: false
Owners: exim4-base

Name: exim4/use_split_config
Template: exim4/use_split_config
Value: false
Owners: exim4-config

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