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tövis tovises at freemail.hu
Tue Nov 1 15:15:40 UTC 2005

I'm run a very small LAN at my home. My LAN includes a firewall, a SAMBA file server also working as test PostgreSQL server and apache, and several work station - clients Windows and Debian Linux. I have broadband connection to the internet (5 Mbps) but no fixed IP address - UPC.

I need a more efficient mailing system then a simple mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook Express. The best for me (I think) is an IMAP server such as Courier which can manage compatible Maildir and mail format, all my mails would reside on the server and use WEB based client, native to courier or may be squirrelmail. First of all I need a flexible MTA, I hope it could be the exim4 - isn't it?

I built a test configuration - simplest Debian 3.1 stable, with precompiled kernel - skipp any prselected configuration.
apt: courier-imap and courier-doc - and start to check what I have, using Thunderbird, Outlook Express - I could logon. But how to send email inside of my LAN? - I'm trying the simplest - exim4 - "mail s", at this point my pain started!

1. What should be the right configuration for exim4 to deliver emails inside the LAN?

2. I heve no domain or DNS, what the right setting for send emails to servers exists on internet?

If I simply switch to "PCon the internet receiving by SMTP" and clean IP address - I have messageas immediatelly about routing error.
I found on the WEB that I need a better qualified domain - I put "localhost.localdomain" (exactly) I could send messages to a well known server on the NET (also Debian Linux), but I have susppicious messages at the log. After I put "localhost.localdomain" into other names what I've should receive, and I have succes to send the message (I check on a windows wks) but I still get "Unroutable message" for message which was delivered!?

Finally can I use Debian configuration to fulfill my needs or better forget this and start my own? Again exim4 is good for me to deliver messages into my IMAP servers Maildir and fetch mails from remote servers or not?!

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