[Pkg-exim4-users] Re: [exim] relaying not permitted

Jeremiah Foster jeremiah.foster at devmodul.com
Wed Sep 14 10:01:43 UTC 2005

On Sep 13, 2005, at 5:51 PM, Marc Haber wrote:

> Since the update-exim4.conf man page says
> |       dc_relay_nets
> |              A  list  of machines (hostlist) for which we serve as 
> smarthost.
> |              Used to populate the relay_from_hosts hostlists.
> It looks like the answer for your question would be yes.

Thanks Marc. Might I request a central location (i.e. one file) for 
Debian-specific exim4 documentation which might include information 
from the man pages from update-exim.conf, README.Debian, and Debian 
specific information from the Spec file?

If one fails to remember the location in the diaspora of documentation 
one can end up asking stupid questions.


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