[Pkg-exim4-users] spamassassin headers

Chris Purves chris at northfolk.ca
Fri Apr 21 01:39:46 UTC 2006

Chris wrote:
> I have set up exim4-daemon-heavy/clamd/spamd on unstable. 
> After a bit of fiddling the basic setup works really well: outgoing mail
> gets send out and incoming mail is tested by clamav and spamd before
> being filtered by ~/.forward and subsequently delivered into a
> Maildir-folder. Kinda like advertised ;-)
> Something seems to go wrong with the headers, reporting and ultimately
> delivery of spam-positives though.
> Here exim has the protective message hiding in the headers under
> "X-Spam_report" (see below), leaving the spam-body unshielded in the
> Inbox, in full view for the unsuspecting user. This is neither a good
> nor a pretty thing.
> Not setting the header "X-Spam-Flag: YES" on spam breaks the filtering
> with .forward and Spam gets delivered into the inbox. 
> I cannot seem to set this header manually: adding "X-Spam-Flag: YES\n\"
> to the ACL(below) ends up as header: "X-ACL-Warn: X-Spam-Flag: YES"
> Negatives get no X-Spam headers at all by default, which is confusing
> since it took a trip to /var/log/syslog (or /var/log/mail.info) to find
> out that spamd actually processed the message. Is it exim that doesn't
> pass on the X-Spam headers set by spamassassin? Why? I sure didn't
> override that in order to have to set different ones manually in exim.
> Is it a bug or a feature?

This doesn't answer your question directly, but I use sa-exim and it 
makes it very simple for integration of spamassassin with exim.  It will 
return the message after spamassassin has worked on it, allowing you to 
keep the modifications made by spamassassin.

Good day, eh.

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