[Pkg-exim4-users] exiscan virus/mime

J.Paechnatz jpaechnatz at bfe-systemhaus.de
Tue Apr 25 06:22:39 UTC 2006

Greg Folkert schrieb:

 >> like:
 >> deny message = This domain has a policy of ...
 >> !senders        = ${if exists{CONFDIR/local_sender_whitelist}\
 >>                                 {CONFDIR/local_sender_whitelist}\
 >>                                 {}}
 >> demime = vbs:bat:pif:scr:exe:mp3:wma:wmv:mpg:pps:ppt:com:dxf:bmp
 >> Does this work?
 > It should work, I have something very similar.
 > Except I have attachment demime/attachment whitelists and Sender
 > whitelists.
 > If it gets through the sender whitelist, but fails the attachment
 > whitelist, it still gets bounced. With a proper deny message telling
 > them how to get in contact with the required administratives.

Could you post your setup concerning this?

I want to allow some senders all kind of attachments. In the moment it 
still does not accept some attachment, even when the person is whitelisted.


cu joh.

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