[Pkg-exim4-users] white list

Dermot Paikkos dermot at sciencephoto.com
Thu Jun 8 13:30:21 UTC 2006


exim4-daemon-heavy + sa-exim

Sorry if this is daft or OT.

I need to find a way to allow (nologin) users to whitelist addresses. 
I thought that by adding addresses to $CONFDIR/local_sender_whitelist 
exim4 would accept the mails but it appears that sa-exim is still 
being run on them and rejecting them.

Should I be looking to using spamassassin's whitelists instead?

Is there a way I can configure spamassassin to read a flat file of 
addresses to whitelist? I do not want the local.cf to be editable and 
this has been the only way I know of whitelisting addresses with SA 

Can anyone offer any advice here? Like I said, sorry if this is a bit 


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