[Pkg-exim4-users] Fwd: Howto forward messages via my ISP?]

Andrew Holter aholter at gotadsl.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 17:03:48 UTC 2006

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Your ISP should forward _all_ messages after a client has
authenticated. If they don't, you cannot use .forward.

I'd take this up with their support staff.


Thanks Marc

Some months ago we received a message from our ISP asking us to enable
SMTP authentication followed by  list of instructions for Microsoft
Outlook users...........   ;-)

I set up the passwd.client file and life carried on. I think I can
still send messages from our domain *without* authentication so I am
going to reread the passwd.client info and also telnet port 25 and
check that we are really authenticating.

Thanks again


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