[Pkg-exim4-users] smtp authentication (exim as a client) problem

Aurelian Melinte ame01 at gmx.net
Wed Apr 4 20:03:31 UTC 2007

At 02:19 PM 4/4/2007 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello, i've configured exim4 on a sarge system to perform authentication with the smarthost used to relay all emails it processes.
>I put username and password in passwd.client this way (fake data obviously):
>*:theuser at thedomain.eu:thepassword
>all is working fine until i switch the default gateway in order to route traffic on a different dsl provider. it seems absurd to me, it's a matter of route add/del.
>after changing the routing, smtp authentication fails regularly.
>Please note that i am not using the provider smtp server as smarthost. I'm using an independent one not related to any provider.
>i did a couple of tests this way:
>exim4 -d+all marcopar at inwind.it
>and i saved all the huge log here:
>i really don't understand what's going on. it seems that exim does not send credentials when the traffic is routed via the new provider.
>I've already tried to tweak exim4.conf.template, although i do not know the language in which is written, to avoid passwd.client parsing and forcing the data to be used and that way works so i think it's a script problem but i cannot debug it because i don't know enough about the language.

A couple of thoughts:

-maybe your new smarthost does not asks for for TLS - you need to explicitely enable PLAIN authentication - see the Debian Exim specific FAQ
-maybe the smarthost advertises itself under a different name when you connect to (though the * should catch everything)
-maybe the IP of the smarthost resolves to a different domain name (same obs)
-you want only as much debugging info as you need, something like -d-all+transport - see the Debian Exim specific FAQ


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