[Pkg-exim4-users] smtp authentication (exim as a client) problem

marcopar at gmail.com marcopar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 11:28:03 UTC 2007

Marc Haber wrote:

> And do both smarthosts reject if you do _not_ try to authenticate?

mmmmh... sorry i overlooked that part of the message, i should have 
checked the first time as it was the more important.

The smarthost rejects only the new provider wihout password...
I cannot say why because they are 3 independent entities and no per-ip 
configuration has been made on the smarthost (none declared to me by the 
smarthost owner at least).

So i redid all the tests suggested by you with swaks and with "exim -d 
..." with both providers and i found that:

1) authentication is never performed by exim. i read the logs the wrong way.
2) i can send emails without authentication with provider OLD but not 
with provider NEW (god only knows why (at this time) because it should 
work only with authentication)
3) if i force client_send variable in the script, exim then performs the 
authentication as expected.

Now the question is why exim does not want to authenticate when using 
the original script.

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