[Pkg-exim4-users] Re: http://wiki.debian.org/EximNospam removal?

Chuck Peters cp at ccil.org
Fri Apr 13 20:37:09 UTC 2007

On 4/3/07, Paul Johnson <baloo at ursine.ca> wrote:
> Chuck Peters wrote in Article
> <cfd69f2e0704021724j66bef5fep82d535250f1f1a8e at mail.gmail.com> posted to
> gmane.linux.debian.devel.exim4.user:
> > I think http://wiki.debian.org/EximNospam should be removed since it
> > encourages backscatter spam.
> Ouch, challenge/response.  I second that.

The page is still there.  Will someone please remove it?

Should I edit the page saying something to the effect of:

The page that was here suggested using what is called challenge response
system to eliminate spam. This method often makes you a spammer.  Challenge
response requires anyone sending you mail to send back a second email
verifying that you intended to send them mail.  One of the BIG problems with
this is spammers forge email and you end up spamming people who didn't
actually send you email.  If you run a challenge response system you will
likely be blacklisted!
more information.

If you think you can have no spam with exim you don't understand the
problem.  The email protocol SMTP was designed for a more trusted
environment than todays Internet. The only way I know of to have no spam
(100% spam free) and not be a spamer yourself is to not use email.

I run mail servers and have been since 1996. To mitigate the problem of spam
and reduce spam for our users we currently use greylisting, DNSBL's, and
spamassassin.  And some of those users just delete spamassassin scores above
3 or 5 (bayes and AWL off) with procmail and forward it onto to gmail for
another round of spam filtering.

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