[Pkg-exim4-users] configuring an SSL tunnel. Was "daemon_smtp_ports"

Easthope peasthope at cablelan.net
Tue Apr 17 23:22:43 UTC 2007

At Mon, 9 Apr 2007 09:10:22 +0200 Marc Haber wrote
mh> How about Section 2.1.4?

The most important of all the documentation 
on configuration of exim.

Richard Feynman's Dictum of Education: begin 
with the most general concept and progress to 
the more specific.  

The documentation for configuring Exim should 
begin with 2.1.4.  After that, explain the 

mh> See README.Debian chapter 1.1

This most convenient documentation I've found is 
Parameters covered in this chapter.

I haven't found a Debian specific version.
Which of the parameters gets a "dc_" prefix 
remains a mystery.

mh> I'd suggest setting the SMTP ports on the daemon command line in

The indirection is killing me!  Which of 
the upper-case parameters should define the 
command line parameters?  What quoting is correct?  
Something such as one of these?

COMMONOPTIONS='-tls_on_connect_ports = '25 : 1025' -tls-on-connect'
QUEUERUNNEROPTIONS='tls_on_connect_ports = '25 : 1025' tls-on-connect'
QFLAGS='-tls_on_connect_ports = "25 : 1025" -tls-on-connect'
SMTPLISTENEROPTIONS='tls_on_connect_ports = "25 : 1025"

Rather than spend hours trying to establish
a working syntax by trial & error I put 
these two lines in /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template
at the end of the section marked "main/02_exim4-config_options".

daemon_smtp_ports = 25 : 1025
tls_on_connect_ports = 1025 

Then I ran "dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config" again.      

At Mon, 9 Apr 2007 09:11:00 +0200 Marc wrote,
"Why[ daemon_smtp_ports = '25 : 1025']?"

Well, I aim for port 25 to receive a connection through 
my LAN while port 1025 is to receive a connection through
a legacy-SSL tunnel through the Internet.  The problem 
was explained more thoroughly in my message to 
exim-users at exim.org between the 16th and 22 of 
March, this year.

With the above configuration, this line appears in 

2007-04-16 08:34:34 exim 4.63 daemon started: pid=11224, -q30m, 
  listening for SMTP on port 25 (IPv6 and IPv4) and for SMTPS on port
1025 (IPv6 and IPv4)

(Line broken for legibility.)  At least exim 
appears to respond to the lines added to 

After this change, the local MUA continues 
to work.  Yet the SSL tunnel does not work 
for sending and there is nothing pertinent 
in mainlog.

Any suggestions for settings additional to the two 
mentioned above?

At Mon, 9 Apr 2007 10:24:06 +0200 Marc wrote,
"I have adapted both the man page and README.Debian to hopefully avoid
the misunderstandings that happened to you."

Thanks.  I'll look for the revisions after the next system 
                        ... Peter E.

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