[Pkg-exim4-users] Re^n: configuring an SSL tunnel.

Easthope peasthope at cablelan.net
Wed Apr 25 17:05:49 UTC 2007

Marc & others,

I just tried to send a test message from 
the remote MUA, through the SSL tunnel
to the exim daemon.

mh> What's the error message of the client, ...

System.Log says "--- SMTP".
The MUA interface says "no connection".

mh> ... what are the log entries on the server?

/var/log/syslog has nothing pertinent.

/var/log/exim4/rejectlog is empty.

/var/log/exim4/mainlog has these entries 
at the end.
2007-04-25 09:16:03 Start queue run: pid=5003
2007-04-25 09:16:03 End queue run: pid=5003

These might just as well refer to messages 
coming to my address, as to messages being 
sent out.  In any case, there is no mention 
of SSL.

I'll try to increase verbosity of logging.

Can anyone tell how to test a telnet 
connection through the tunnel?
"telnet peasthope.yi.org 587" will be a 
direct connection without using the tunnel.

Thanks,       ... Peter E.

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