[Pkg-exim4-users] spam filter irritated by duplicate headers

Andreas Metzler ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org
Sun Dec 30 12:46:38 UTC 2007

Thomas Koch <thomas at koch.ro> wrote:
> Should I rather check for $spam_score_int instead of $header_X-Spam_score_int 
> in my my userfilter?

Yes, you should do that.

> There's already an exim bug asking for the ability to remove headers at acl 
> time:
> http://bugs.exim.org/show_bug.cgi?id=501

You can use a system filter to do that alternatively.

# acl
   warn condition = ${if <{$message_size}{120k}{1}{0}}
        spam = nobody:true
        set acl_m0 = $spam_score ($spam_bar)
        set acl_m1 = $spam_report

# Exim filter
if first_delivery then
  headers remove X-Spam-Score:X-Spam-Report
  if $acl_m0 contains "("
    headers add "X-Spam-Score: $acl_m0"
    headers add "X-Spam-Report: $acl_m1"

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