[Pkg-exim4-users] draft tutorial - Installing Exim4 and Dovecot on Debian4

Jason_Meers Jason_Meers at mv-online.co.uk
Tue Jun 5 12:58:29 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I've just finished an initial draft of a guide to installing Exim4 and 
Dovecot on Etch. The guide covers an install from booting from a NetInst 
CD to testing the services with teleet. Other topics such as the use of 
th su command, rcconf and gdm with geximon and eximon are covered.

The guide is not meant to be the fastest, smallest or most secure 
installation possible, it is simply a hand-holding guide to get the 
software installed correctly before pointing the user at the official 
websites and documentation for further configuration.

I would appreciate your comments, correction and suggestions. I 
especially would like some clarification on the correct way to set a 
fqdn of "mail.example.com" either during the install or after the 
install as I got "mail.example.com.example.com" one time I tried, and 
"mail.jason.local" on other tries (where "jason.local" seems to have 
been set by my dhcp server).

The document can be downloaded from here:

website at: http://www.exim-new-users.co.uk
hosting by: http://www.line3.co.uk

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