[Pkg-exim4-users] Throttle or limit deliveries to smarthost?

Dave Price kinaole at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 00:01:39 CET 2007


Shaping might work, but this host does a lot of other LAN traffic over
the same eth0 that exim uses for smtp ... so I would have to shape for
smtp only.

What I was really hoping for was an exim4-specific option that says:

Do not launch/spawn more than x queue processes at once.
Do not send more than y bytes or z messages per second to smart_host

I only use a single smart_host for outside deliveries, and I want to
prevent flooding of my internet connection or smarthost when I send
mail to a distribution list.


On 3/19/07, mark david mcCreary <mdm at one-man-isp.com> wrote:

> Dave
> Hopefully somebody else knows an answer.
> In my case I've been using the CBQ traffic shaping portion of the Linux
> Kernel.
> HTB is another traffic shaping module in Linux, and I think that it is
> considered a bit newer and better.

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