[Pkg-exim4-users] Throttle or limit deliveries to smarthost?

Alex King alex at king.net.nz
Tue Mar 20 21:32:01 CET 2007

Marc Haber wrote:
>> I only use a single smart_host for outside deliveries, and I want to
>> prevent flooding of my internet connection or smarthost when I send
>> mail to a distribution list.
> If you are delivering via a smarthost, your exim will anyway only send
> out a single copy of the message with the appropriate envelope.
> Greetings
> Marc

I think this is not always the case. I think Mailman for example splits 
the distribution list into batches and sends several different mails 
with no more than a configurable number of recipients (100 by default 
IIRC). Also some (many?) ISPs mailservers now limit the number of 
recipients on a single message to 100 or less as a way to reduce spam.

I had a similar problem where a mailserver wasn't sending to a smarthost 
but directly using DNS lookups, and it sometimes killed the internet 
connection when a client host sent out large mail-list messages to many 
destinations. The best answer in the end was to rate limit the outgoing 
traffic on port 25 using tc (the linux traffic control tool).



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