[Pkg-exim4-users] Domain on private IP

Rob Borland rborland at medsch.uz.ac.zw
Mon Oct 1 06:44:17 UTC 2007

I'm preparing to move from Red Hat and sendmail to Debian and exim4. 
I'd appreciate advice on handling a domain with a private IP.

Host mail.healthnet.org.zw is MX for domains healthnet.org.zw and 
healthnet.zw.  Host mail.healthnet.zw has private IP  I 
want to deliver only valid addresses to mail.healthnet.zw.

On mail.healthnet.org.zw I have router:

   debug_print = "R: virtual_domains for $local_part@$domain"
   driver = redirect
   domains = dsearch;/etc/exim4/virtual
   data = ${lookup{$local_part}lsearch{/etc/exim4/virtual/$domain}}

In /etc/exim4/virtual/healthnet.zw I have:

user1:		user1 at mail.healthnet.zw
user2:		user2 at mail.healthnet.zw
# etc.
*:		:fail: User unkown

In /etc/exim4/hubbed_hosts I have:


Is this the best solution?


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