[Pkg-exim4-users] Domain on private IP

Rob Borland rborland2 at healthnet.zw
Wed Oct 3 09:30:02 UTC 2007

>> If mail.healthnet.org.zw receives a message for
>> userx at healthnet.zw it should check whether userx is a valid
>> username on healthnet.zw and deliver it to mail.healthnet.zw
>> only if userx is a valid username; if it's not a valid username
>> mail.healthnet.org.zw should return the message to sender with
>> a "user unknown" error.

 > Ok. The way you have done this is one solution. Another would
 > be to give your exim some way to access the internal server's
 > user list of to have it doing recipient callouts.

Thanks for confirming that this is a reasonable approach.

At present every time the user list changes a copy is mailed to the MX host and
written to the user file by a Perl script.  Recipient callouts sounds like a
neater solution.  I'd appreciate any pointers you can suggest.


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