[Pkg-exim4-users] Domain on private IP

Rob Borland rborland at healthnet.zw
Sat Oct 6 09:15:00 UTC 2007

>> >> At present every time the user list changes a copy is mailed
>> >> to the MX host and written to the user file by a Perl
>> >> script.
>>  > That's neat. Rather neater, in my opinion, than using callouts.
>> It's certainly got to be faster than using callouts.  Also I
>> don't know whether recipient callouts are possible because the
>> host called has a private IP so the callout can't use the DNS.
>> Is there a way to call out to this private IP?

 > As long as your exim knows how to route e-mail to a domain (by
 > virtue of DNS, or hubbed_hosts), callouts will work. They use
 > the same routing mechanisms.

Thanks for the advice.  So it loks like I can leave Exim to to all the work
using callouts and drop the routine which copies the user list over to the MX


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