[Pkg-exim4-users] exim4 in etch - save all mails

Andreas Metzler ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org
Mon Dec 1 18:55:15 UTC 2008

Maarten Bezemer <mcbexim at robuust.nl> wrote:
> On the other hand, adding an extra header in the system-filter file before 
> doing the unseen save does give me an x-envelope-to header in the saved 
> mail, but this header also appears on all copies delivered to end-users or 
> remote addresses.
> That's highly unwanted...

> So, I tried the next setup in the system filter file:
> headers add "X-Envelope-to: $recipients"
> unseen save "/tmp/allmail"
> headers remove "X-Envelope-to"

> But now the X-Envelope-to headers don't even appear in /tmp/allmail.
> It seems that they are being removed before the "unseen save" is started.

This looks like a bug to me. My reading of the documentation suggests
this should work. Would you mind submitting this to bugzilla?

Since this is not a Debian secific issue trying the regular exim
support list exim-users at exim.org might yield a workaround.
cu andreas
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