[Pkg-exim4-users] Exim4 / virtual server / LDAP / SMTP-AUTH

Fredrik Unger fred at ludd.ltu.se
Fri Jun 27 22:22:18 UTC 2008


I have been working with exim and trying to use my LDAP directory
to get user information.

I think I have figured out delivery to target Maildir, but I am a
bit stuck on SMTP-AUTH

I have one mailserver, that should work with two (or in the future more

I have users in the format
uid=xxx, ou=people, dc=example, dc=com
uid=xxx, ou=people, dc=example, dc=net

But note that the xxx @ .net is not always the same person xxx @ .com!

I started to try to write a server condition..

server_condition = ${if ldapauth
{${extract{2}{@}{${lc:$2}}}}" pass=${quote:$3}

brr .. :)

But then when I get to server_set_id, can I set $2 there ?
I now calculated with that Username has to be xxx at example.com. as xxx
wont be unique.

But the searchstring for the server_set_id is the dn constructed in the
ldap auth above. Pretty confusing.

I could set up Virtual dns names in the sense that Apache is using them,
but do Exim work in that way ?

SMTP-Auth host mail.example.com -> authenticates users only in
example.com.. and SMTP-Auth host mail.example.net -> only for users in
example.net. even if it is one server.

For what steps are the Auth info needed later ?
Can I create temp variables uid and rootdc ? by assigning them ? or do I
need $uid ? what is the scope for such variables in the config file ?

OR ? How should I deal with this situation ?
Virtual users for delivery is easier as the incoming mail has the domain
in the to field... but how do I deal with Auth ?


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