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Thu Jun 19 13:37:34 UTC 2008

 av_scanner = clamd:/tmp/clamd

 spamd_address = 783

     spam = Debian-exim:true
     message = X-Spam_score: $spam_score\n\
               X-Spam_score_int: $spam_score_int\n\
               X-Spam_bar: $spam_bar\n\
               X-Spam_report: $spam_report

All of this seems to be working as I expect.

rob at thelma:/etc/exim4$ exim -bt accounting at
R: system_aliases for accounting at
R: userforward for accounting at
R: procmail for accounting at
R: maildrop for accounting at
R: lowuid_aliases for accounting at (UID 1024)
R: local_user for accounting at
accounting at
  router = local_user, transport = mail_spool

BTW I have been having trouble getting messages through to the list.

*Robert Steinmetz, AIA*
*Steinmetz & Associates*

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