[Pkg-exim4-users] Configuring Exim for home network

Dave Witbrodt dawitbro at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 1 23:10:48 UTC 2009

Robert Steinmetz wrote:
> I'm not able to help at this time either. But if your changes are 
> working and performing without significant  problems for you, I suggest 
> you break your changes down in to simpler more easily understood 
> components and  provide the context and code for each element you 
> changed. Some may be beyond this list but others may be both beneficial 
> to the readers and provide useful feedback to you.

   Actually, the purpose of my original post was to find out whether 
asking for help/advice was even appropriate on this list.  I didn't 
provide any details in my OP because I wasn't sure whether it would be 
spam here.

   If someone would let me know whether it _is_ OK to ask userland 
questions on this list, I would probably ask about issues like:

   - The Right Way (or The Debian Way) to allow exim4 for to connect
     (as a client) to my ISP's SMTP server, using the very non-standard
     SMTPS protocol.  In bug 430057 on the BTS, Marc Haber disagreed
     with the configuration details chosen by a Debian user to get it
     working, but I was forced to use a very similar hack.  I seek
     assistance to configure exim4 a better way, and hoped to provide
     some of the discussion requested by Marc toward the end of that
     bug report thread.

   - I was confused about the differences between domain names and
     hosts, as that terminology is used in the documentation and the
     'exim4-config' debconf questions.  My home network is tiny (only
     3 machines) so I don't use a DNS server, and rely instead on
     /etc/hosts.  Being new to exim4 configuration, even when I got my
     setup working as desired I was left wondering whether my
     configuration really is totally wrong and I'm just getting lucky!

   - To get headers rewritten (or not rewritten) correctly, depending
     on whether a message was heading for one of the 3 local machines
     or outside my home network, I had to:  modify some routers and
     transports, alter the header rewrite rules, and write a new router
     for my local machines.  Having ZERO experience with exim4
     configuration before the holiday break, there must be mistakes
     (or, at least, poor choices) that need to be addressed.

   So, Robert (or anyone), are any of these topics something that you 
know about and are willing to provide advice or commentary on?

   Is this list even FOR userland questions, or is it just for package 
maintainer issues?  (I would like this question answered first! ;)

Dave W.

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