[Pkg-exim4-users] Recipient black list not working

Marcel marcel_exim4 at datkan.net
Sun Feb 15 23:17:40 UTC 2009


I just upgraded my system from etch to lenny. Since I did not properly
upgrade my configuration earlier, exim-config continued to refuse to
work with my current configuration. Therefor I wiped out my current exim
config and I'm back at the default lenny exim config.

What I used to have, and what I want again, is recipient blacklisting. I
tried the steps below and they don't work (i.e. email to blacklisted
addresses are accepted).

This is what I did:

1. I'm choose for split configuration files

2. I created the file: /etc/exim4/conf.d/main/10_local_macros_marcel
with the following content:
CHECK_RCPT_LOCAL_ACL_FILE = /etc/exim4/acl.local
CHECK_RCPT_IP_DNSBLS = sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org

3. I created a file: /etc/exim4/acl.local with the following content:
    log_message = match recipients_drop.list.
    recipients = /etc/exim4/recipients_drop.list

4. I assume the code above is called from
/etc/exim4/conf.d/acl/30_exim4-config_check_rcpt where it says:

  # This hook allows you to hook in your own ACLs without having to
  # modify this file. If you do it like we suggest, you'll end up with
  # a small performance penalty since there is an additional file being
  # accessed. This doesn't happen if you leave the macro unset.

5. I created a file: /etc/exim4/recipients_drop.list which contains a
list a black listed email addresses.

6. I do: sudo invoke-rc.d exim4 restart

7. I send a mail to a black listed address and it is delivered :-(

What am I doing wrong? A similar setup was working in etch using
non-split configuration.


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