[Pkg-exim4-users] Route only outgoing mails to smarthost

fn_online at arcor.de fn_online at arcor.de
Fri Jan 16 13:54:48 UTC 2009

Hi again

First of all, thanks for you suggestions.

The problem is, the mailserver "mail.mydomain.com" is like a black box for me. I'm not permitted to change anything there and it won't accept anything else than *@mydomain.com mail addresses. On top of it, I don't know all the different *@mydomain.com addresses the mailserver can handle, so using aliases is not an option.

I need a way to either route only outgoing mail to the smarthost (and deny all incoming mails with an unknown receiver to be routed any further) or maybe route only mails with specific sender addresses (the ones used by my "exim.mydomain.com" server) to the smarthost.

I'm currently trying to find out if it's possible to do this by creating an individual router. Maybe someone knows if this is viable or has an even better idea. ;D


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> Hi
> First, I would change your dc_other_hostnames to :-
> dc_other_hostnames='exim.mydomain.com:mydomain.com'
> Then run
> invoke_rc.d exim4 restart
> This will mean that your Exim will accept mail both to its FQDN as well 
> as the domain.
> Now in /etc/aliases make an entry
> a: a at mail.mydomain.com
> You should make similar arrangements on mail.mydomain.com such that it 
> accepts mail for its FQDN as well as the domain, and set up an alias for 
> b pointing to b at exim.mydomain.com
> You can continue writing mails to a at mydomain.com and Exim will do the 
> work of re-writing and delivering it to the user on mail.mydomain.com, 
> likewise they should be able to address you at b at mydomain.com and have 
> it delivered to you at b at exim.mydomain.com
> Regards
> Neil
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