[Pkg-exim4-users] Local delivery to accounts without home directories

Neil S. Briscoe neil.briscoe at censornet.com
Wed Jan 28 21:53:04 UTC 2009

Sebastian Tennant wrote:
> Quoth Robert Steinmetz AIA <rob at steinmetznet.com>:
>> Sebastian Tennant wrote:
>>> Quoth "Neil S. Briscoe" <neil.briscoe at censornet.com>:
>>>> If the user doesn't have a home directory, you have to give the poor 
>>>> mail system some clue as to where it should deliver things.
>>>> Where did you have in mind?
>>> The usual location, i.e., the mbox file in the spool directory;
>>> /var/mail/<user> on a stock Debian box. 
>> There is a configuration option to deliver all mail to /var/spool/<user> 
>> if that is what you want.
> I think that option is already in play, i.e., this is where mail is
> already being delivered, but I've just discovered that it only works if
> the user in question has a home directory.

You will probably find that the router being used calls check_local_user 
a description of which can be found at 

>> I understood you wanted a conditional delivery, to use /var/spool only 
>> if there is no user home directory.
> Yes, sorry.  I realise now that the wording of my original post was not
> at all clear in that respect.

So if you want to find what calls check_local_user first use

/usr/sbin/exim4 -bt user

which will output a list of routers called, ending in the router that is 
actually used.

Now you can check whether that router really does use check_local_user 
and if so, remove that check - if that is what you really want.  Or 
perhaps one of the other options will work for you.


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